Free-range boarding on spacious sunny pastures

Winter horse boarding for Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Snowmass, Summit County, and Crested Butte horse owners

"The snow was so deep in Crested Butte this winter that my horses could just walk over the top of the fences"

At Grandview Ranch, we offer winter horse boarding for those folks who don't want the daily chores of throwing hay to their hungry horses, chopping ice in water troughs, cleaning up after their animals, and shoveling snow. Why take on those chores when your horse can enjoy our balmy weather and open meadows? The North Fork Valley of Colorado is often called the "banana belt" because of our mild winter climate. Our location on Grandview Mesa is one of the sunniest locations with a very mild winter climate. Our pastures are spacious and vast--we have 118 acres for your horse to roam over the winter with a herd of cool equine friends. There are groves of cottonwood trees to provide them cover from winter storms.

Horses are free to graze and run on open meadows

We raise hay on our hayfields over the summers and leave enough uncut hay for a good-sized herd of horses to graze over the winter. Yes, we do get snow coverage on our fields, but it typically doesn't last over the winter. If there's a significant snowfall, we feed our herd our nutritious grass-alfalfa horse hay. Some of our grass species even grow green blades of grass under the snow, so there is plenty of nutritious feed for your animal. Your horse will come home in the spring or early summer looking fat and slick. At Grandview Ranch, your horse isn't stuck in a little paddock all winter. They often trot and canter across our fields, which are roughly 1/2 mile by 700 yards. They get plenty of exercise and companionship with other horses. 

Good fences and well-maintained fields make for happy horses--and we check them twice a day

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a good horse get hurt because of avoidable circumstances. Our fences are new and tight all around our property. On most of the fencing, the bottom two strands of wire are smooth wire in case a horse gets involved with the wire. We've done our best to eliminate hazards, but this is a ranch environment and hazards such as ditches and rough terrain do exist. There is no rusty junk and old wire on our property. You're free to come walk it with us, as we walk our fields and check the horses twice a day, almost every day. 

Excellent year-round source of clean water; top-quality nutritional supplements, minerals, & salt provided

Our property is served by a branch of the Smith Fork of the Gunnison, and we have a steady source of year-round live water for our horses to drink. The water is excellent quality and is always available, so the chances of colic are very low on our property. We also provide top-quality Dynamite Products nutritional supplements for our board horses. These American-made supplements help your horse build up their muscles, hooves, bones, and eyes while they're on our winter pasture so they're ready to hit the trail in the spring!

Our horses graze on good pasture, and we feed when the weather hits

Crawford is known as a warm climate, and our fields are clear of snow most of the winter. We do get the occasional snowstorm that makes it difficult for horses to paw for feed. In that event, we have a barn full of top-quality hay to feed our winter horses. However, you should realize that our grasses grow even under the snow. Tender shoots of green grass can be found all winter long, strange as it sounds, and the horses will dig for those green shoots. Our biggest problem is horses gaining weight, not the other way around. We let them do their own foraging as much as possible, because otherwise we run the risk of your horse becoming overweight just by feeding on our winter pasture. 

Horse boarding rates, winter 2020-2021

1-4 horses—$200 per month per horse
5-10 horses—$150 per month per horse
11-15 horses—$100 per month per horse
16-20 horses—$80 per month per horse
Custom Care Horse—$300 per month per horse (call us for details--this may be an older horse with special needs)

Winter horse boarding with Grandview Ranch, Crawford, CO