Here is Kol, our 10 year old Bask Arabian. We have him since he is 3 years old. I trained him and Gary rode him lots. He is a sweet gelding, powerful body structure, healthy big bones, floated teeth last November 2017. Is on Dynamite specialty nutritional free salt/mineral program. Lives on 118 acres in the winter pasture. Gets along with other horses well. Had VS in the fall of 2015 and otherwise never sick. We do not vaccinate our mature horses anymore. Worming only if necessary by manure tests. DE is big part of my Dynamite specialty programs.(check out my link in the signature)
 He has a solid respectful natural  horsemanship upbringing. He is a Trailhorse and nothing fancy. He loads, shoes well and rides comfortable. Loves people. Ideally for a shorter person because his stride is short in a trott. Kol has been in Elk hunting camp, on blue grouse trips and many trail rides. He needs more of that to get used harder and earn his living thats why we would sell him. He is sound and ready to go! Kol is at his prim time because he was never used hard and can go for years…

BASK gelding, sound, black feet

Trailride horses

Longdistance or Endurance ride prospect

Lives in a horse herd

Natural horsemanship groundwork foundation


Kol - 2007 Bay Arabian gelding, 15.1hh