Dynamite Specialty Products has carefully researched equine and human nutrition for years. We all know that people and horses need salt. So sprinkle some grocery-store salt on your eggs and throw a salt block in the field for horses, right? Not exactly. Salt blocks and mineral blocks are designed for cattle, not horses. Cattle have rough tongues and can lick from the top or bottom of their tongues, and can get the nutrients they need from blocks of salt and minerals. Not so with horses. Horses have a much smoother tongue 

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A hard-working horse can become nutritionally depleted in the wrong circumstances. Not all feed sources have the right nutritional balance to keep your horses in good health. If you take a moment to think about it, why should a hay farmer's soils have just the right balance of minerals and salts? It's impossible, really. One region's soils might have good concentrations of copper, while lacking iron. Another area could have an abundance of selenium while lacking magnesium. All are essential to a horse's good health. At Grandview Ranch, we recognize these nutritional deficiencies and we're prepared to address them. 

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