Colorado horse hay for sale at Grandview Ranch

At Grandview Ranch, we raise high-quality mountain-grown Colorado horse hay to sell to our discriminating buyers. Our buyers like our pesticide-free premium-quality horse hay because their horses love it! While many hay farms grow a monoculture of orchard grass, brome, or alfalfa, our fields are a mountain mixture of brome, orchard grass, fescue, timothy, a bit of clover, a generous helping of alfalfa, and several different native mountain grass species. Your horse won't be eating the exact same diet day after day after day. There will be some variety in your horse's daily intake. 

Grass-alfalfa hay shipped to your barn

We try our best to serve our markets. Shipping small square bales is admittedly a hassle, but we will do it for you. Much of our hay is baled into 3'x3'x8' big square bales, which are easy to stack, load, and ship. However, not all horse barns have the equipment available to unload big square bales, which require a good-sized tractor. The bales weigh between 700 pounds and 800 pounds each.  We do not ship loads smaller than a semi load, which is between 650 and 750 bales. If you need a smaller load, call us and we can refer you to one of our sources in Denver where you can buy smaller quantities. 

Low-sugar hay is best for your horses

If you've ever tried to take care of a Cushing's-disease or laminitic horse, you know what we're talking about. The higher the sugar content, the worse it is for your horse. This is a direct result of how your hay is grown and harvested. At Grandview Ranch, we know that it matters what time of day the hay is cut and whether or not the hay was stressed by a lack of water prior to harvest. When hay is cut on a sunny day, or if the hay didn't get water during a critical growth period, it can be loaded with sugar--which is really tough on an "easy keeper" or a horse with laminitis problems or Cushing's disease. We'll be glad to send you copies of our hay tests, which show that our hay is grown with low sugar content in mind. We want you to know that we take your horse's health seriously, and we understand what keeps your horse healthy.

Barn-stored hay is the only way to grow!

Before we built our hay barn, we struggled with hay tarps and trying to get our hay sold before it rained. Nothing worked. The only way to go is to have a really good hay barn. Our barn is 38x99 feet with a dry gravel floor. In the event that it rains and water could saturate underneath the barn, we installed a tile drain in the soil underneath our barn eaves, to send the water off to the side. When we stack hay in our barn, it stays clean, dry, safe, and green until we ship it to the new owners. Yes, it was a significant expense, but well worth it. You can pre-order hay to make your horses happy. Call in advance, and we will grow your own hay.