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2012 Audacious PS colt
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15.2 hand gray Arabian gelding for sale
Colorado Arabian horse for sale


Fabrizio—15.2 hh 2012 Gray Arabian gelding

“Fabi,” as we call him, is a grey Arabian gelding foaled in 2012. He came from the famous Michael Byatt stables near Houston, Texas, known for breeding quality Arabian horses. Fabi is unusually tall for an Arabian at 15.2 hands, which makes him a great prospect for endurance, dressage, and sport horse disciplines.

Super gentle Arabian gelding with sound mind

Fabrizio is a very special horse, the kind of horse who will walk across a 100-acre pasture to greet you and nuzzle your hand. He loves people and is very gentle and easy to handle. Fabi keeps a respectful distance and is not overbearing, but genuinely loves to be in your presence. He has exquisite good looks, a lovely arched neck, large observant eyes, and a rose gray coloration. He is a tall Arabian at 15.3 hands. Fabrizio has had 45 days of intensive “down under” ground training and 40 days of riding. Fabrizio needs a special home because he suffered a skin injury as a young colt. Before we ever knew the horse, someone spilled some Betadyne antiseptic solution on him, scalding his skin on his croup and in a small spot near his withers. The withers spot seems not to bother him at all! The scalded skin is a permanent condition, needs daily care, but it would be better for him to live in a cloudy environment or to be stabled to shield him from sunburn. As of now, we put diaper rash cream on his skin and it seems to help him best. I have tried many different products and remembered how we always protected white skinned horses in the high country from sun burning. He has never showed me any problems by treading him with the diaper rash cream out in the open pasture. It is as he knows he needs the help from us! We tried putting sheets or blankets on him but the movement of the fabric irritates his hair and skin by the burn. Because of this injury, we are offering the horse at 25% of the price we’re asking for his half-brother, Massimiliano.

Raised in the Colorado mountains, living in an open pasture with up to 25 other horses

We got Fabrizio as a yearling colt from Texas, and he had to learn fast how to survive a Colorado winter. Fabi lives in an open pasture with 13 other horses on 118 acres, crossing water, cantering across the meadow, finding his footing in the Rocky Mountains. He lives at 6,300 feet in elevation, so he is already acclimated to altitude. Fabi is extremely comfortable to ride, with a really smooth gait. He is super relaxed, gentle, and calm.  Fabi’s calm demeanor and willing attitude, easy comfortable gait and sound conformation make him a very likable horse.

Fabi has been ridden both English and with an Aussie saddle. The western saddle is in general to long and interferes with the skin burn. He will actually let you know if he is hurting because the pain will make him bulk unwilling to move!

We really need a place with a shelter, low altitude, and a sweet family or person caring for him. Since our children are grown up Fabi has been only limited exposed to kids. I imagine he will love them if he gets a chance to get to know them....We have many dogs and chickens at our ranch. Also, tractors and heavy equipment will not bother him! He stands still for the farrier, load greatly and travels in the trailer.

Top bloodlines—Audacious PS x Francescaa

Fabrizio was sired by the famous grey Arabian Audacious PS, whose get have produced 1,400 show points in Sport Horse, Working Cow Horse, Hunter Pleasure, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Equitation, and Endurance classes, among others. Audacious is known as a particularly handsome, tall, graceful horse with classic Arabian good looks and flowing movement.

Show record highlights for Audacious:
1995 US National Top Ten Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes Colt
1997 US Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt
1999 Buckeye Sweepstakes 1st Place
1999 Region 8 Champion Stallion
2001 Region 5 Champion Stallion
2009 Scottsdale Reserve Champion 8 Years & Over Stallion
2010 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Breeding, 8 Years & Over Stallion
Fabrizio’s dam is Francescaa, a daughter of *Besson and out of a gorgeous daughter of World Champion stallion *ZT Shakfantasy.
Her dam is a product of the famed Zichy Thyssen Arabians in Argentina and was imported to Houston to add another beautiful dam line to the Michael Byatt program. Francescaa foaled a beautiful filly in 2015 by World Champion AJA Justified.