Antioch--2007 Bay Arabian gelding, 15.1hh

BASK gelding, sound, black feet
Trailride horses
Longdistance or Endurance ride prospect
Lives in a horse herd

Natural horsemanship groundwork foundation


This is Antioch, half brother of Kol. When we received 4 half brothers 7 years ago it was really hard to know who is who. Gary, still to this day can not call them apart, hahaha!!
 Kol and Antioch are dye hard looks. Amazing heads and manes and beautiful body and spirits. Kol is more a warrior than Antioch. Anti needs a good rider with confidence and Antioch will thrive on that and grow strong fast. He loves me and is a “one person horse” only. Kol can be ridden by many. Anti needs that one love. I adore him and he is my personal dream horse. Never ever have I seen a prettier horse. But I have to many and can not give him the attention he needs. He is the one in 13 horses who sees me first coming, driving by and always leading the others in the coral. He has an standoff personality, kind of testy to catch but when you have him he is yours. He always lived in a herd family. I do not really know how they are alone…..I personally don’t ride ever alone. Guess that comes from riding in an Outfitting string 10 years ago for almost 10 years. I would have loved to have Antioch then. He is a great ride. Just a trail horse nothing fancy. But absolute prime time. He had a fall out with my husband 3 years ago in the mountains when hunting. It was my mistake to give him “my horse”. Anti could not comprehend the hunting live and got scared. Fear drove him to buck Gary off.
We gave Anti this spring a new start and sent him to a great natural Cowboy with Martin Black training skills. He went through hell first to overcome a new setting and than came around quickly. I rode him a few times but than again had 4 youngsters to train this summer…..He is absolutely sound, teeth floated last fall and same health report like Kol!
I am flat honest to you and hope you can find a confident rider that can build up Antioch to the GREAT star I see in him. Price is lower than Kol because of his story, $4000